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Season 1


Ep. 0 Who Raised You?

  // Transcribed by Jennifer Gates, Edited by Karen (Jia Lian) Yang

Treasure Shields Redmond and Karen (Jia Lian) Yang are the co-hosts of Who Raised You? Podcast. We met while engaging in civil disobedience at The Muny's performance of Aida on the third anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown. We open this first episode with a Who Raised You? inaugural poem. Treasure has a chat with her father, the poet laureate of East St. Louis, Eugene Redmond, while Karen has a chat with her mother, an artist and Bible study teacher in San Jose, California. Sit down and join us for a kitchen table chat about Who Raised You? Podcast Season One.

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Ep. 1 Sound of Dissent

  // Transcribed by Jennifer Gates, Edited by Jessica Yang

Koach Baruch Frazier is impossible to miss in St. Louis, His drumming has been called the "heartbeat of the movement" and he shares his spiritual leadership in his synagogue and on the streets. He is part of Justice Beats, which drums for protests and did 49 days of drumming in honor of those killed in the Pulse massacre. Join us for a kitchen table chat about remembering to breathe, the music of black church and Judaism, and revolutionary listening. 

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