Season 2 / Ep. 4 Returning West

SEASON 2 / EP 4 Returning West

ft. Treasure Shields Redmond & Jia Lian Yang

In this episode, Who Raised You? Podcast returns West. First, we go to Seattle for PodCon 2017, where we ask other podcasters of color: Who Raised You? We talk to Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh, comedian, Youtuber, and host of MTV’s Decoded. We also talk to two black podcasters, Bacon (Unreasonable Fridays) and Rashanii (Single Simulcast), about who raised them. 

Then we hop on a plane to the Bay Area and stop by Oakland, Treasure’s old stomping grounds, on the way to San Jose, where Jia Lian grew up. At Fruitvale station (Rest in Power, Oscar Grant), we run into Derek and a former student of Treasure's father, Eugene B. Redmond. In Oakland, we catch up with Glenn, Treasure's manager when she was a hip hop artist in the music industry. Finally, we meet Jia Lian's father in San Jose, where he tells us a story about Jia Lian's fence-climbing shenanigans. 

Join us for this traveling conversation about podcasters of color, how to maintain in gentrifying Oakland, and our vision for the Who Raised You? Listening Collective.

As we explore how culture, family, and intersecting identities pave our way toward liberation, we want to know: Who raised you? Email us at or send us an audio recording of your answer. 

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