Stephanie Williams a.k.a. Surreal Sista

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SEASON 2 / EP. 3 Beyoncean Theology

“Transdimensional Twin Sisters”

Stephanie Williams aka Surreal Sista is a Spoken Word Artist, Writer, Visual Artist and Rhythmic Instrumentalist raised in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Her late Father was a Mechanical Engineer and Mother is a retired Speech, Language and Reading specialist. Both were athletically inclined; her mother was a dancer for 20 years, and taught aerobics for 20 years. Her father competed with several amateur sports teams.

These influences led her to represent St Louis on 7 Poetry Slam Teams and become a finalist at the Individual World Poetry Slam. She was a non-profit Marketing Director for WORD In Motion, where she was also an after school Poetry Workshop Facilitator in local charter schools for 4 years. In 2010, she was inducted into the Warrior Poet Council. 

Currently, Surreal performs at recurring Festivals and poetry readings and is the Spoken Word Artist in the Comic book-themed rock band “Deep Space Killer” as “The Warrior Muse”.

  • Contact Surreal Sista at or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as Surrealsista. 

  • Find the Warrior Muse on Snapchat as “Warrior Muse” or on the band’s Facebook page “Deep Space Killer”. 

  • CashApp: Stephanie Williams

  • Google “Surreal Sista” and visit