Aysia BerLynn

Photo credit: Jennifer Korman Photography

Photo credit: Jennifer Korman Photography

Who Raised You? features music by Aysia Berlynn, including her song "Stay" and a custom "Who Raised You?" Track.

Aysia Berlynn was born Aysia Brittaney Sanders on November 15th, in the soulful town of Saint Louis, Missouri. Born to an aspiring model and a successful entrepreneur making their way across the Midwest, young Aysia was exposed to a journey that would ingrain an artistic impression and inspire raw soulful heartfelt lyrics accompanied by a smooth melodic flow, creating songs that express love, life, and experience. After relocating to Sandusky, Ohio Aysia began honing in on her skills and writing her own songs at 14 years old. She attributes much of her musical influence to the intricate melodies of Anita Baker, 702, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill and Aaliyah, along with the organized grunginess of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and No Doubt. Aysia BerLynn is a neo-soul singer whose music is a blend of Alternative R&B, and pop with elements of soul, hip-hop, and minimalist R&B. Aysia’s desire is for her work to touch the masses, Whether via television, radio, or any other forms of media. She hopes that through her lyrical guidance, her listeners will open their hearts and minds to a collision of genres and soul. 

In 2016, BerLynn began a journey into the world of photography under her company Be Public LLC. Join Aysia BerLynn as she embraces her Artistic abilities--capturing moments in time, a simple smile, a gaze into the eyes of a loved one, a small piece of nature, architecture or an artistic representation of someone you know. Using imagery that tells a story, see the world as she through the windows of her soul.

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