Tara Tee

Tara Tee (2).jpg

Tara Tee of Hands Up United loves kids and is incredibly stylish.

Hands Up United believes that liberation for oppressed Black and Brown people will be achieved solely through self determination coupled with traditional and nontraditional means of political education.

Hands Up United’s Books and Breakfast program has been running consecutively for 29 months and has been replicated in the US and internationally in 35 cities, following in the footsteps of the Black Panthers free breakfast program. They’ve fed over 1,000 people and put over 5,000 books in the hands of community members; one measure to battle illiteracy and the failing St. Louis school system. Hands Up United’s Tech Institute builds code and community with the next generation of socially and politically conscious, community driven techies. They’ve graduated 26 youth from our 2 course offerings and are looking to grow.

Support by making a check out to Hands Up United, 2200 North Highway 67, Suite 34, Florissant, Missouri 63032.