Treasure Shields Redmond
& Jia Lian Yang


Kristen Trudo 


Andrew Warshauer


"Stay" & "Who Raised You?" track
by Aysia BerLynn

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About Us

Who Raised You? Podcast is a kitchen table conversation between Jia Lian Yang and Treasure Shields Redmond. Jia Lian (she/they) is a bisexual 2nd generation Taiwanese American and a trained social worker-minister. Treasure (she/they) is a straight Black American poet, and entrepreneur/escapee from the Academy. As we explore how culture, family, and intersecting identities pave our way toward liberation, we want to know: Who Raised You? We’re curious and somewhat irritated. Sit down. We have lots to talk about.


What do you mean by “kitchen table conversation?”

Our podcast began with hosting hospitable human conversation at Jia’s kitchen table. We want our podcast to be accessible, not academic, although we may reference ideas from the academy when helpful. Our commitment to accessibility also includes transcribed podcasts for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. To help with transcription, please email

Who sits at your table?

We center people of color (POC) voices, paying attention to the intersections of age, class, race, gender, sexuality, and ability. We record stories that are not defined by our identities, but informed by them. We are interested in you not for your labels, but your journey to this moment in time where we are sitting down to get to know each other. We invite guests whom the public doesn’t often hear from, who are humble about their work and proud of their community.

Where is this table?

We are based in the St. Louis region of Missouri in US-America. Our podcast is focused on perspectives from our region, but reaches beyond by connecting experiences across the nation and across the globe, as well as featuring guests from outside the region. Midwest “flyover country” has a lot to say, but there is more mainstream US-American coastal media about flyover country than there is from it. By drawing upon the histories/herstories/theirstories of the St. Louis region, our podcast aims to change that.

Why this conversation?

This conversation is from our worlds, to other worlds, as we look toward liberation. We are interested in art, culture, education, religion, organizing, activism, our intersecting identities... the ingredients that make up our reality and create future realities. Our different perspectives make our conversation possible.


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