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who raised you?
season 1

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ep 0. Who Raised You?

ft. Treasure Shields Redmond
& Karen (Jia Lian) Yang

Treasure Shields Redmond and Karen (Jia Lian) Yang are the co-hosts of Who Raised You? Podcast. We met while engaging in civil disobedience at The Muny's performance of Aida on the third anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown. We open this first episode with a Who Raised You? inaugural poem. Treasure has a chat with her father, the poet laureate of East St. Louis, Eugene Redmond, while Karen has a chat with her mother, an artist and Bible study teacher in San Jose, California. Sit down and join us for a kitchen table chat about Who Raised You? Podcast Season One. 

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ep 1. the sound of dissent 

ft. Koach Baruch Frazier

Koach Baruch Frazier is impossible to miss in St. Louis. His drumming has been called the "heartbeat of the movement" and he shares his spiritual leadership in his synagogue and on the streets. He is part of Justice Beats, which drums for protests and did 49 days of drumming in honor of those killed in the Pulse massacre. Join us for a kitchen table chat about remembering to breathe, the music of black church and Judaism, and revolutionary listening. 

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ep 2. drag 

ft. Joss Barton 

Joss Barton and Treasure Shields Redmond met at a poetry reading at Goodie House, a St. Louis intersectional literary scene serving truth, fire, love and free wine and snacks. Treasure was blown away by this fierce, beautiful Latinx woman, and they have been friends ever since. Join us for a kitchen table chat about growing up queer and adopted in rural Missouri, fashion and political expression, and how the queer imagination liberates its damn self.

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ep 3. don't touch my hair

ft. De Nichols

De Nichols and Karen (Jia Lian) Yang studied Social Work together at the Brown School of Social Work of Washington University in St. Louis. Since then, De did the "big chop" and has embraced her hair as her crown. Treasure and De have roots in Memphis, so join us for a kitchen table chat about appearance and "professionalism," the Memphis hair scene and black power movement, and the importance of being unapologetically yourself.

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ep 4. church & state

ft. Brittini Gray (Ree Belle) 

Brittini Gray (Ree Belle) and Karen (Jia Lian) Yang attended Eden Theological Seminary together. They've grown leaps and bounds through those years, being formed as faith leaders in the midst of the Ferguson uprising. Join us for a kitchen table chat about faith-based organizing, twists and turns in our callings, and holding space for the questions. 

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ep 5. the master's tools 

ft. Sunni Hutton

Sunni Hutton and Treasure Shields Redmond are poets and educators. Treasure has been impressed by Sunni's leadership in Socialist Alternative and knew that Sunni would be able to speak about "The Master's Tools"  with respect to politics, poems, and education. Join us for a kitchen table chat about growing up poor and black in Kinloch in St. Louis County, attending Vanderbilt and navigating Teach for America, and how she decided to stay in St. Louis to do the work. 

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Kristen Trudo

Kristen Trudo lends their camera to capture radically tender photos for Who Raised You? Podcast.

the radical tenderness project is a soft space for folx at the intersections to breathe in the flowers. the following stories are told from the folx who know them best: those who have lived them. grateful to each of these humxns for the time and space and energy that they devoted to this project. you've made this space more tender by sharing your truth.



Who Raised You? Podcast is a pilot project of Farfetched, which offers consulting on business development, PR & marketing, SEO, and more.

Farfetched is an independent music and art imprint based out of St. Louis, MO. We specialize in creating thought provoking, honest, and innovative content for all. We have a team specializing in business development, community engagement, public relations & marketing, social media & search engine optimization, visual art, videography, content & copy, and more. 

Consulting with Farfetched:

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arts & Education Council

The Who Raised You? Listening Collective is one of the winners of A&E's stARTup competition.

Who Raised You? Podcast is inspired by the stories of artists, poets and changemakers of all kinds. In a region that wrestles with historical amnesia, we're excited to work with the Arts and Education Council to develop the Who Raised You? Listening Collective, a hub for Citizen Sound Agents to create a digital audio archive, engage in storytelling workshops, and produce live performances. We hope to preserve wisdom by ordinary people imagining a better world for future generations of changemakers.

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Our podcast is one of many produced by Andrew Warshauer, audio engineer, DJ, and musician.

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Aysia BerLynn

Our podcast features
music by Aysia BerLynn,
including her song "Stay."

Aysia BerLynn is a neo-soul singer whose music is a blend of Alternative R&B, and pop with elements of soul, hip-hop, and minimalist R&B. In 2016, BerLynn began a journey into the world of photography under her company Be Public LLC. Join Aysia BerLynn as she embraces her Artistic abilities--capturing moments in time, a simple smile, a gaze into the eyes of a loved one, a small piece of nature, architecture or an artistic representation of someone you know. 



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